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Delicate Flower My Ass

Ready to Kick Ass!

When looking for a Realtor and Mortgage Lender Team you are going to want to work with someone you like. Professionals who will return your calls and ask how you are doing. Someone who show legitimate concern for your entire life not just the home buying process. How else could you trust that the advice they give you has the very best intentions based on your family’s needs. You want to share fun stories, crack a joke, and even share concerns. You want somebody to give you a warm reassuring smile. What may come as a surprise is you are going to want someone who has the ability to become a Rocky Balboa. I am talking about picking a Mortgage Lender or Realtor who can face off against Ivan Drogo without fear.

I will crush you

I’m not talking evil. I’m talking about someone who will fight ferociously on your behalf. Someone who will negotiate as it’s their bank account funding your purchase. Someone who will go toe-to-toe with an underwriter and be absolutely unstoppable when it comes to getting your new home. It is a brutal thing to witness. Your sweet Realtor or Mortgage Lender who’s smile brings rainbows will bare teeth, causing the person blocking your path to happiness to actually tinkle themselves a little bit.

Ok Ok! I'll pay the buyers closing costs!

Being a woman myself, I can tell you that society expects me to follow and not lead. I have never been that way. I have educated myself to make sure others look to me for confirmation on what is being said. I stand by my clients in such a way that I have a perfect 5 Star Rating in Customer Service. I take my clients concerns on getting a home loan seriously. I was awarded Top 25 in the NATION for Customer Service for 2016. When I hear something along the lines of “You’re a delicate flower” I instantly want to twirl in a circle until my Amazonian Crown and Lasso of Truth appear and go kick ass!

I will get your Mortgage closed on time

As a Mortgage Lender in multiple states, I can tell you that being a woman or man has nothing to do with the level of greatness a Realtor can achieve. I have seen men negotiate with a Listing Agent with such finesse the Listing Agent is thankful for lowering the sales price. I have seen beautiful female Realtors cause the look of fear on a contractors face as he scurries away whimpering when he tried to get more money than was negotiated up front for work done on a house. This blog is to help Buyers understand that they must like, love, and trust the team they have working for them. This means that on occasion we must be able to stand our ground when it comes to representing them. Sometimes that can be a little scary. However, if you choose your Mortgage Lender and Realtor carefully, you may end up with a Rocky Balboa/Wonder Woman hybrid.

Call me! Let's talk!

Any questions on Mortgages please visit my site and email me.

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