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My Beautiful Phone Addiction

The World Is My Office

I read an article on the news app from my phone. It talks about Cell Phone Addiction. As I stood there with my phone in my hand I was informed how cell phones are becoming a problem. I was about to leave a comment from my cell phone how I was a successful business woman. Technology allowed me to reach more people and provide excellent customer service. As I started to type my comment I realized I had to return an email first. I would get back to the comment after I sent the email but then a phone call came in, then a text, then an alarm I set as a reminder for a conference call. In the end I had no time to comment how I was not addicted to my phone because I couldn’t get off my phone.

Ok, I may be a little addicted but let me justify the addiction, just as all addicts do. Being a Top Rated Mortgage Lender I really don’t have a choice but to allow my phone and laptop to be a part of my life, no matter where I am. My clients have questions. Realtors have new clients who need to prequalify for a home loan. Appraisers, Title Reps and Processors all call, email and text with the expectation I will answer their questions within minutes. Oh sure, If I want to be an average Mortgage Lender then I will simply turn off my cell phone and return my calls later. However, I am not average. Remember I said Top Rated Mortgage Lender. Being mediocre is just not who I am and my clients experience the difference. I am Nationally Ranked for Customer Service because I do not think of my Clients and Realtors as simply work. They are vastly more important than that. So no matter where I am or what I am doing I make time for those in need of my expertise. I spend my time living life and working at the same time. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My so called addiction has allowed me to travel to far away magical places and still use technology to provide my clients that renowned customer service.

Some people have a hard time wrapping their brains around the term “Working Remotely”. Of course this is much easier in some careers than others. Realtors for instance. (Sorry guys) Being a Real Estate Agent is a very hands on career. They are showing houses and meeting clients face to face. Mortgage Lenders along with Underwriters and Processors can work remotely from anywhere in the world. Many industries are moving towards the idea. The obvious benefit is being able to travel without people realizing you are not shackled to a desk. The disadvantage is when people realize you are not shackled to your desk they assume you are not actually working.

I have two offices that I work out of. One is in Redlands, California while the other is in Austin, Texas. I travel back and forth with long Fun Time weekends sprinkled in between. A few months back I had a Realtor who had just realized I was in Texas that day ask me “How do I to use you when you aren’t here?” I had to point out that even though we speak weekly they had not actually seen me in person in almost a year. Secondly, I have been living in both states for over a year. The Realtor was still unconvinced until I reminded them the past three clients they had sent me all closed early and all of them gave me 5.0 Stars on the Customer Service Survey after they closed. The proof of my ability to perform excellent customer service is the fact that most people never know I’m not shackled to my desk. All thanks to my Cell Phone Addiction. Some may scoff at the attention I pay to my phone but you will never hear a client of mine sing anything other than praises for how important I made them feel. I will simply be happy that I can make a difference in the lives of my Realtors and Clients while I revel in my addiction.

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