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Suits vs Soul

We are all the same...

When I started in this industry the world was a vastly different place. Democrats and Republicans got along. Gay Marriage was illegal. Marijuana was illegal. Drinking at work was frowned upon… oh wait. Most of all everyone dressed the same way. Men especially. Women had a bit more variety in their clothing options but for the most part we to were tied to a general look. NOT a bad thing, just a fact. It was the times we lived in. Image was paramount over everything. If you didn’t look a certain way you obviously were able to perform the job. Kind of like the Hair Bands of the 80’s. There was no way to brainwash the youth of America watching MTV if you didn’t have big crazy hair. You MUST look a certain way or you were not to be taken seriously.

I can rock because I have big hair

I love to learn. I love to use my mind to stand out above the rest. I strive to be the most knowledgeable in the room when it comes to Home Loans. All of that was not possible unless I was sporting the current flavor of the month designer business suite. My mind would be ignored if I didn’t look like everyone else. Many people cannot imagine in this day and age being told that how you dress is more important than what you know but this was the world back then. Slowly that oppressive cloud that we lived under softened. Which was wildly good for me since I wasn’t fitting in with the Mean Girl Clique. My hippie ways lead me to apply art to my body in the form of tattoo’s. I kept my feet bare throughout most of the day. I dressed in clothes that I enjoyed. I was being me.

Me Being Me

People’s opinions have changed a bit. Well except for the whole drinking at work thing. Much to my dismay, that still seems to be a solid “NO”. Slowly we were allowed to express ourselves. We can now show the world who we really are while still being respected for what our minds hold. I have traded in my business suits for colorful flowing dresses and shirts. I don’t cover up my tattoo’s. I rarely wear shoes in my office and yet I am still rocking a perfect 5.0 Rated Mortgage Lender in Customer Service. A rare distinction in my industry. I work my ass off to be the best and my clients have confirmed this by their kind words you can read at Being yourself allows you to be happy at whatever it is you do.

The most powerful lesson I have learned in the 30 years I have been in this industry is to follow my passion in a way that makes me happy. Have my tattoo’s, bare feet or the way I dress lost me a client? Possibly. But I have been very successful and most importantly very happy. I work for my own joy and I would suggest others do the same. The world would be a much brighter place if we were all happy people.

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